Friday, January 27, 2006

And the Final Rose goes to...

Sarah from Tennessee. Yup. You heard it here first.

I'm going out on a limb and making my Bachelor prediction a little early, but I have almost no doubt in my mind that Sarah from Tennessee will get Travis's final rose. Even though there's only been 3 episodes so far of The Bachelor-Paris, careful examination of all the facts show that all roads lead to Sarah. Which is ironic, really, because Sarah and Travis both live in same town--Nashville. Nice twist, eh? The Bachelor had to go all the way to Paris to fall in love with the girl next door. It's a great tagline for the final episode. ABC execs must be eating it up.

Here's why I think Sarah will be the one to win Dr. McHunky's heart. It's pretty much a given that the final four will be Sarah Canada, Susan, Moana and Sarah Tennesse. Next week, that annoying twit Tara will get the axe, and something dramatic is going to happen with Jehan. Either she leaves the show, doesn't take Travis's rose or Travis doesn't offer her one. My money is on #3. I think ABC is building up next week's Jehan drama into something bigger than it really is.

He isn't going to pick Moana. She's this season's Trish. The Bachelor "bad girl" that we've come to expect and love to hate. Moana makes it to the final 3, though. This will create plenty of angst for Sarah Tennessee who has called Moana a bitch to the cameras and has deemed both Moana and Susan "totally wrong" for Travis.

He also isn't going to pick Sarah Canada. She was the lead horse out of the gate but she's already losing ground. He initially loved her laid back attitude but with each show she's getting more and more possessive. She won't make it to the fantasy dates. At least I hope not. The girl gets on my nerves.

This leads the final show down to Susan, the sex kitten vs. Sarah, the kindergarten teacher/girl next door. Travis was practically drooling over Susan on their one on one date last week. Susan is "ridiculousy beautiful" as Travis puts it. But so far, all they've shown between them is a glassy-eyed Travis and Susan proclaiming that's she's one "smitten kitten" over him.

I think Susan will definitely give Sarah a run for her money, but in the end, hometown girl will win. I just didn't get it until last Monday's show, but all the signs are there.Sarah Tennessee is the only girl on the show that's gotten a hard time from Travis. He's constantly probing her, testing her out. And that's because he's interested.

Episode 1: Sarah tells Travis that she was nervous about meeting the other girls. He immediately gets a serious look on his face. Don't you get along with other girls? Sarah gets nervous and is afraid she's given Travis the wrong impression. She's worried she won't get a rose. But she does...

Episode 2: Sarah tells Travis that she's been friends first with every guy she's ever dated seriously. Again, Travis calls her out on that, implying that Sarah isn't impulsive enough to go for love/attraction at first sight. Again, we listen to Sarah in the interviews saying that she thinks she blew it and is worried about getting a rose. But she gets one...

Finally, Episode 3: Travis and Sarah have the only real conversation we've seen this season on the deck of the boat. This time, he goes in for the kill. He says to Sarah: "I'm thinking, this girl never dates. This girl likes to hang out with the other girls. Is she passionate?" And the look on his face when he asks her this is serious, engaged. Sarah gets flustered, they share another look that makes Travis seem a kid on his first date. And then bimbo Tara interupts them and Sarah looks ready to kill her. Sigh. I was ready to kill her!

And finally, there's the fact that I'm now of the opinion that Sarah is really the most attractive girl left. She's not obvious beautiful, like Susan. But she's girl next door beautiful. She's not afraid to let the cameras catch her in glasses and no makeup. And I have to say, that on Casino Night she was by far the classiest one there. The top picture doesn't do her justice, but the gold dress was out of this world. Ultimately, Sarah is the one that fits Travis best. I can see her getting down and dirty while camping, or looking glamorous in the ballroom. Now, I just want to see some sparks between them. And I think we will. Starting next week.


Mel Francis said...

GAWD I hope you're wrong.


I'm pulling for Moana. I like her.

Lucy said...

But, are her eggs rotting? ;)

who doesn't watch the show but who thinks it sounds "interesting" this season :)

MariaGeraci said...

LOL, no L, her eggs are not rotting.

And Mel, I might be wrong about Sarah. And the producers would have do some pretty fancing editing to convince me that Moana would be Travis's final pick.

Mel Francis said...

Sarah Bad.

Mel Francis said...

Oh. And have I mentioned what I really think of Sarah from TN?

Bad, Sarah. Very Bad.

MariaGeraci said...

Sorry, Mel, but if Moana is just playing head games with the rest of the girls, then she's just there to cause trouble. I don't see her into Travis at all.

Travis is intrigued by Moana and she's a very pretty girl, but in the end, he's basically a peanut butter and jelly kind of guy. He'll go for someone who compliments his lifestyle the best. I really think he and Sarah will get a connection going. I think the editing is gearing us that way.

Mel Francis said...

I just don't want to buy into that.

I LOVE that Moana isn't talking. Why should she? OMG. These girls are mad at her because she isn't kissing and telling.

Maybe she's playing games with them and maybe she's just really into him and not wanting to give it away. These women are mean (Peanut Butter Sarah included) And I think she's smart NOT to play THEIR games.

Travis is very intrigued by her. Yes, the editing is skewing how we see it but honestly, he asked Peanut Butter girl if she was a "sexual being". OMG. Nobody asks that on a date. WHY would he ask her that unless he was getting the "I'm a cold fish bitch" vibe from her. At this point, I'll be so disappointed if he chooses her.

Maybe she'll come across better later on, but right now, she's awful.

Fishdog said...

you guys are killing me. you're putting waaaay too much thought into this.

it's gonna be the the first one to breaks off a piece for him. to give the ole wedding tackle a test-run.

the chances that he's actually considering this a life-long relationship instead of a fat check with some choice piece of bottom are slim.

he may be pretty, but he's still a dude, y'all.

MariaGeraci said...

I know, but we are having fun... so there:))


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