Friday, January 06, 2006

Jane Millionaire and The Bachelor

I just started reading Jane Millionaire by Janice Lynn. This is the book that won last year's American Title Contest. The book is funny and fast paced and very sexy! I can't wait to finish it!

Speaking of reality TV and romance... Now that Survivor is in hiatus, I have another show to look forward to. The Bachelor starts this Monday night! Yes, I know, it's corny and all, but who cares? I already have my trusty DVR (Tivo to some of you) programmed. This season's show was filmed in Paris. The Producers hope this will bring the "original" sense of romance back to the show that suffered such a hit after last year's "Jen" disaster.

This time our hunky guy who can't get a girl in real life is an ER resident. Ha! I can't wait to see this "Dr. McDreamy" in action!


Mel Francis said...

I cannot WAIT for The Bachelor and I will definitely be adding Jane Millionaire to my TBR pile!

Ellen said...

Jane Millionaire sounds good. I'll add it to my pile too. :)


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