Monday, January 23, 2006

Round Three

I'm happy to announce that The War Bride has made it to Round 3 of the American Title II Contest. While this is exciting for me, I'm very sad to see Theresa Meyers, Lois Templin and my fellow RWA Online chaptermate Debra Parmley eliminated. They've all written wonderful books that I hope to be able to see in print soon.

Round Three features Best Story Summary.


As a British spy during the Napoleonic wars, Miles Mountkeefe thrives on danger and excitement. When his partner is murdered during a routine mission, Miles suspects they were double-crossed. Hell-bent on discovering who betrayed them, he travels to London with a coded letter he is convinced will help him solve the murder -- a letter that only his partner's widow, Tess Beauchamp, can decipher.

While the letter contains nothing that will help Miles, it reveals to Tess that her illegitimate daughter, whom she believed dead, is alive somewhere in Spain. With Miles' help, Tess knows she can save her daughter; but this spoiled son of nobility, infamous for his rakish reputation, is the last man on earth Tess wants to trust. Determined to seize the opportunity to right the wrongs of her past, Tess persuades Miles to escort her to Spain, supposedly to search for her husband's killer.

Miles is accustomed to dealing with ladies who instantly fall for his charm, but Tess is a different kind of woman; her tenacity and lively spirit irritate and fascinate him. And Tess is shocked to find that Miles' bravery and sense of loyalty make him a different man than she once imagined.

Together, they reluctantly join forces. But opposing agendas, dangerous secrets, double agents and a burning attraction they can't deny make their journey more perilous than either of them bargained for.

Come check out the voting website to read the rest of the summaries at Remember to cast your vote by February 5!


Lucy said...

Congratulations on making it to round 3 and good luck. :)

MariaGeraci said...

Thanks, L!

Jamie said...

Congrats, Maria!!

Love your story summary - it's awesome!!


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