Saturday, August 28, 2010

Clean, Proof, Bake

Sorry to be such a bad blogger. It's been a crazy week filled with spotty Internet connection, work (yes, I still do that) and trying to do the final proofs on The Boyfriend of the Month Club. Thought I was through with that book, huh? I'm finishing the final final final pass in which I frantically search out any typos, missed words, etc., and point those out to my publisher. However, if come December you find some small gaffe, please don't email me and tell me there's a misspelled word in my book. Believe me, it won't be for lack of my trying my darnedest to not have that happen. Mistakes in publishing happen all the time. No matter how many eyes go over a manuscript. And right now my eyes are begging for a reprieve. But enough of that.

In between proofing my manuscript and cleaning house today, I plan to bake cookies. The famous Neiman Marcus ones, because... well, they'll make the house smell good. Plus, you never know when I might have a cookie emergency and it's best to be prepared.

Oh, and don't forget to leave a comment in the give away post for All I Ever Wanted. I promise you, it's a fantastic read!

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