Saturday, August 07, 2010

Destin here I come

This is where I plan to spend the next week of my life. Third umbrella from the right. I'm going to move only to eat/sleep/catch a break from the sun. I have many lovely books loaded on my Kindle, as well as some real live books I plan to devour.

I booked the beach house we're staying in back in February, pre-oil spill, and I have to tell you, there were moments I considered canceling and trying to find a place on the east coast. But I took Charlie's plea (that would be Charlie Crist, Governor of the great state of Florida) seriously. There he was on the front page of the Tallahassee Democrat a few months ago asking Floridians not to abandon their vacation plans on the Gulf coast. If we don't support our local economies then we can't expect out-of-staters to do the same. So I decided oil or not, the Geraci clan was going to be in Destin this August. So glad I stayed strong. The latest updates show that the oil hasn't reached Destin and that the beaches are as beautiful as ever.

I also plan to work on a proposal while I'm in Destin. Now that The Boyfriend of the Month Club has been laid to rest and is awaiting printing (can't wait to see my beautiful cover in person) it's time to think about a different book. I pitched the idea for the new book to my agent and she loved it. Thought it was my best idea ever:) Now, we'll just have to convince my editor of that! Of course, it all depends on how my numbers do with Boyfriend. I have to sell books in order to write more books (imagine that!) so keep your fingers crossed. You can also uncross your fingers, go to Amazon or B&N and pre-order my book. The best part? Besides getting an awesome story, is that you don't pay for the book until it gets shipped to you (book comes out December 7)!

Since I expect my Internet access to be a bit on the spotty side, there won't be a give away Tuesday this next week. But... I'll still be looking for more comments on Hot Vampire Love and will definitely post a winner on Monday (even if I have to tear myself away from the beach chair go to the Starbucks with free WiFi to do it!) Don't forget, you can still enter. Just scroll down to the post titled Hot Vampire Love and leave a comment.



Jamie said...

Maria, that's right down the street from me! Drop me a line if you want extra company for lunch or something - I'm always up for seafood on the beach. :) Enjoy your week off!

Kristen Painter said...

Have a great time!

Maria Geraci said...

Thanks, Kristen!

Jamie, yes! will get in touch :)

Rain Maiden said...

I will be pre-ordering The Boyfriend of the Month Club, I can't wait to read it. Enjoy the sunshine!

Lucy said...

Sounds wonderful. Enjoy! :o)

Maria Geraci said...

Thanks, Rain!

L, the weather here is fabulous and the beaches are beautiful. Thanks!

Kate Pearce said...

pre-ordered. sir!


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