Friday, April 01, 2011

The End

NO April Fools Joke here. Although I do wish everyone good luck with their pranks today;)

Mike Geraci and I got into a little snit over our morning coffee on who was taking the dog and the cat (Charlie and Lucky) to the vet this morning. I swear, last night he told me HE was going to do it. He said I had said I'd do it.Guess who won? I think instead of apologizing for my crankiness I will blame the whole thing on an April Fools joke. I'll let you know Monday if I got away with it.

Okay, so on to this morning's post.

As writers we always pay so much attention to our opening lines. It, along with the first few pages, is what draws the reader in, so we spend countless hours editing that first line and making sure it "pops." But what about our last lines?

Fellow GBC sister Ernessa T. Carter is over at the Girlfriends Book Club talking about last lines. You can check her post out right here.

For fun, I thought I'd post the last lines to my own books.

"I play Bunco on Thursdays. Every Thursday. No exceptions. It's sort of like my religion."
He smiled. "I know. I get it now."

Because it is a truth universally acknowledged that when a woman gets a diamond engagement ring, she must show it off to her closest friends.

He was just Joe. And that was more than good enough for Grace.


Caryn Caldwell said...

So true! There really isn't much discussion on closing lines, is there? Yet there are lots of people who read the last page first, to get an idea of the book. Plus a closing line gives you closure (or not). I love your closing lines, by the way! Especially the second one, which is hilarious.

Maria Geraci said...

Caryn, I confess I'm one of those people who read the last page. I know, so bad of me! But it doesn't diminish my pleasure in the book at all.

Thanks for the kind words on my last lines. #2 (Bunco Babes Gone Wild) is my favorite as well!


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