Friday, April 22, 2011

Good Friday and The Weird Sisters

Ah, I have been such a bad blogger. Can't believe an entire week has gone by without blogging, but I have been basking in the glow of my new sale (aka spending way too much time on the computer and emails). That said, Good Friday, everyone!

Back in the day (that would be my youth) Good Friday was always the bleakest of bleakest days. Being raised a strict Catholic it meant no school (yay!), no tv, no radio (boo!) no fun, no meat, and going to church at exactly 3pm. The best part of Good Friday was that it meant that Lent was almost over.

I'll admit my giving up of the Holy Trinity (diet coke, bread, and chocolate) has not gone well. I did great for the first 2 weeks of Lent, but then fell off the wagon and have had some of each. However, I have had much less of each (especially the diet coke, which was the hardest) so I feel pretty positive over all.

Tonight is my book club night and we're discussing The Weird Sisters. Great read, btw! I will definitely being taking pics and posting on that, so stay tuned.

Want a chance to win another great read? FREE? (Did I say the magic word?) Then hop by the Stiletto Gang where fellow Girlfriends Book Club member Cindy Jones is giving away a copy of her new book My Jane Austen Summer. Just leave a comment by Sunday. How simple is that?

Happy Easter, everyone! May the Bunny bring you lots of chocolate!

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