Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Romantic Times Book Club Convention here I come!


After spending the weekend putting together little goodie bags, packing (and semi-panicking because I felt totally unprepared for RT, despite the fact that I've known I would be going for at least 6 months), I woke up bright and early Monday morning and set off to my monthly visit with Krystal at Red Hots. Krystal is the lovely chick who does my hair. Normally, I would never wait to get my roots done the day I'm leaving to go on a trip, but Krystal got married last week and was off work for awhile (as in right in the middle of my root touch up cycle). But I toughed it out and got Krytal's first appointment Monday morning on her first day back from her honeymoon.

Roots touched up- check!

While the dye was in my hair she also managed to wax my eyebrows, my upper lip, AND give me a quickie manicure. (I clearly need to learn something from Krystal's time management skills)

Hair from upper lip- Gone!
Bushy eyebrows shaped up- check!
manicure- check!

After my morning at Red Hots, I then detoured to the mail store, where I sent out the last of my ARCS for Bunco Babes Tell All and rush home, ready to get on the road. But then I realize that if I left right away I'd be getting into Orlando at the height of rush hour traffic. I-4 at rush hour is not a place I want to be, so I decided a power nap was in store. This is a firm rule of mine. If the opportunity for a mid-day nap presents itself, I never turn it down. Good thing, too. I needed all my strength just to load up my car. Thank God I have a mini-van. Honestly, I don't know where I would have put all this stuff. Most of it is for my Bunco Babes Bash, but still, if I was flying, I'd be in big trouble (because believe me, I wouldn't have shipped off this stuff to the hotel in time. I know I just wouldn't have).

After an uneventful drive, I get into the Wyndham Convention Center around 8:30. It was perfect timing. No heavy traffic on I-4. The tourists, however, are a different story. There's plenty of them crawling along the sidewalks of International Drive, so I take extra precautions and slow down. Because running someone over would be the sure way to ruin my first RT trip. You know?

Orlando tourists safe from Maria's car- check!

The convention center is huge. It could be Orlando's next theme park. You need a golf cart just to get to your room. Luckily, I have my own car. So the woman at the desk gives me a map to find my way around. I get lost twice (yes, twice) just trying to find the friggin building that houses my room. In my normal everyday life, I average getting lost at least once a day. And this is in a city I've lived in for 12+ years. So this does not bode well for me already...

I get to my room, where Mel has already put first dibs on the bed by the window, which is fine with me, cuz that means I get the bed closest to the bathroom (he he). We hug and jump around for a bit and marvel that we haven't seen each other since August. Talking daily just doesn't cut it. We vow then that one of us must hit the New York Times and make a mint so that we can afford a beach house retreat.

Vow to hit New Times List- done!
After this, we head to the pool bar and get something to eat, then go back to our room. We're both pretty wiped out (despite my power nap) and it's lights out by midnight.
I suspect the rest of the week won't go that way.

Tomorrow: Meeting the media (I'm determined this will happen, and I'll explain how), and my first club RT.


Kristen Painter said...

I cannot wait to inspect your eyebrows. Because you know I will. lol


Louisa Edwards said...

This whole post made me laugh out loud! I hope you plan to blog the entire conference this way. Can't wait to see you!!!

Maria Geraci said...

Kristen, I came to withing a hair's breath of writing: Bushy eyebrows- Gone, Kristen!

And Louisa, I can't wait to see you guys!

I've already given both your names to Jo Carol as my Bunco Bitches (I called you assistants to her) so all is set;)

Lucy said...

Verification word: rocking.

Fitting, don't you think?

Have a great time at RT Maria.

Jax Cassidy said...

Sounds like an adventure awaits you...hopefully you'll get that free press with the media. Wish I were there to crash your Bunco party! There's always next year.

Ally Anderson said...

Love the luggage! I keep telling DH I need brighter luggage so it'll stand-out at the airport.


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