Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Bachelorette and Krazy Kasey

It's no secret to anyone I know that I've been hooked on the The Bachelor/Bachelorette since it's inception. I know. It's bad reality TV/or not, but still, I can't help myself. So why try?

Last night's show just made me a little mad though. I know they try to hide the real love story (if there is one) because it doesn't make for as compelling TV as the loony fabricated stories they love to showcase. First, it was Justin "Rated R's" 2 mile trek on crutches to Ally's mansion last week. Yeah. I really bought that one. It's so obvious that he's there to promote his career as an entertainment wrestler and honestly, I don't blame him for tying to grab his 15 minutes. Ally doesn't mind either, but she'll pretend she does when the time is right, because after all, in her quest for true love, she's also getting paid some 300,000 bucks, so she'll produce just the right amount of angst to make us hate Justin even more. Which should only help Justin's career as a bad boy wrestler. Total win/win scenario for everyone.

But what I don't get is the Krazy Kasey storyline. His 1:1 date with Ally last night was beyond painful. It made her date last week with Hunter seem like a love fest. She has zip chemistry with this guy. So what does she do? Instead of giving him the boot, she tells him she can't give him a rose, but she doesn't want him to go either. Talk about mixed signals. Believe me, this is totally producer driven. What they're getting, I understand- It's the weird-guy-willing-to-do-anything-to-win-Ally's-love storyline. But what is Kasey getting out of this? I can only believe that the producers made him go off his meds for the show and he's not responsible for his actions. So to prove his "love" for Ally, Kasey decides to get a tattoo. Only when he goes to show it to her, Frank interrupts their one on one time. Kind of funny, if you ask me.

As for Frank, he started off strong, now he's getting the jealous/obsessed edit. Enough already.

And Kirk. Where did he come from? Every time you turn around, Ally's kissing him. He's getting the most "face" time with her (literally) yet they're not showing much else of him. He gets a 1:1 with her next week. In the previews, over dinner, he pauses and tells Ally he needs to tell her a secret. The look on Ally's face is priceless. Can't wait to hear what the big secret is. I'm sure it's something really stupid.

Roberto was awesome in The Lion King. He's adorable and seems to have the front runner slot.

As for Chris L? My favorite (if it were up to me to pick) but I'm afraid he's getting the Reid edit. (Reid, my most favorite bachelor by far on any season!) What's the Reid edit, you ask? This is the guy the producers make you fall in love with, then he ends up on the "friends" list. I think his date with Ally last night was pretty good, but it was choppy so it was hard to tell how real the chemistry was. Plus, he's being hidden most of the time. This is usually because he's either the "winner" and they don't want to show the chemistry too early, or they want to hide the fact that Ally isn't as into him as they want to make you believe. It's too early to tell. But I'll say this. I kind of don't want to Chris to win because I'd really love to see him as the next Bachelor.

Just please, let Kasey go the way of the weatherman (if one more guy sings to Ally with his guitar I'll puke). And for God's sake, let's hope Kasey's tattoo was a fake. Or that the producers promised him some primo plastic surgery to get rid of it.


Mel Francis said...

Kasey is gay. And that tattoo healed awfully fast....

I really like Chris L a lot. And I was surprised by Kirk! I agree with you about Frank...he went from being my fave to being an annoying little gnat. Roberto is sexy--my guess is he's the next Bachelor and that Chris L is the winner. But then, I've been wrong before!

Maria Geraci said...

That's right, Mel, that tattoo did heal awfully fast. Plus, it was just so damn ugly! Supposedly, next week Kasey and Justin go on a 2:1 date with Ally with one of them them going home. Should be interesting.

Chris L is just so damn cute. And he seems real, which is saying something. I really don't want to see him get his heart broken.

Maureen McGowan said...

What an awesome take on the show. You've summed it up perfectly. There's no chance AT ALL that she ever liked either Krazy Kasey or the Weatherman (who is the most insecure, obnoxious man on the face of the earth -- and gay -- if he was more secure he'd be out of the closet and not pretending to be straight on national TV). Kasey is bat shit crazy, but the weather man makes me crazy every time they show him. Guy just bugs me. Glad he's gone.

I'm sure the producers encouraged her to keep both around. Same with the wrestler.

There was one guy who got a rose last night who I swear I've never seen before. Maybe it's the other Chris? Dark hair, small eyes, pointy chin... Who the heck is he? They sure make you notice the ones they want you to notice...

Lucy said...

Initially I wasn't impressed with Roberto but now I really like him. I like Chris L too.

I hope you're right about the 2:1 date next week (that there is one) and that she sends them both home. Hey, it's been done before. :o)

Maria Geraci said...

Maureen, yes! There is another Chris who just seemed to come out of nowhere. I don't think I've ever heard him even speak;) And the weatherman has to be gay. He just has to be.

L, I think Roberto is very sexy, the total package. But Chris L just melts my heart. Although I have to say, as much as I love the mom story, we need to move on and talk about something else.


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