Wednesday, June 09, 2010

A whole day just to myself

Just like Kevin in Home Alone who yearns for his own hot delicious cheese pizza, I yearn for a day to myself (what working mother doesn't?) Like Kevin's dream, my dream is pretty simple too, because I'm not talking about a spa day or a day spent leisurely reading, eating bon bons and going out to lunch with girlfriends, although that all sounds pretty damn good to me right now. But the truth is I just want a day to get things DONE. A day to clean the house (yes, because fur balls aren't pretty), to actually go outside for a power walk (but only if I can get it in before nine a.m. because after all, this is Florida in the summer time) and a day to finally organize all my writing stuff.

In the eight months or so it took me to write TBOTMC I had to let a lot slide. Hence, I am now in a heap of not-so-nice disorganization, which drives me absolutely bat crazy. Not that I'm the most organized person, not by a long shot, but I've reached the point where I can't find anything and that can't continue.

So... stuff to do today. Clean house. Make a flan that will flip properly. And if I have time, try the banana nut bread recipe I found on Jenny Crusie's blog this morning (under the comment section) because coincidentally, I have 3 very ripe (past eating) bananas sitting on my kitchen counter top that I'd been wonderin' what to do with. Now I know.

Oh, and one more thing. Could the Glee finale last night have been any more wonderful? I had about 20 kids in the living room, snacking on chicken wings and chips, etc, watching on the big TV while Mike Geraci and I were snuggled together in the den watching... yes, the Glee season finale on another TV.

I have totally hooked Mike Geraci on Glee which is a hoot because every 5 minutes someone starts singing on the show, which I totally love, and ordinarily he wouldn't, but hey, it's all about execution and it works here, so that just goes to show that anything can be done. It just has to be done right. The best part of the night? Listening to the kid's laughing and screaming at all the great parts while we smiled at them while sitting on the couch in the den. Oh, and while I totally called Quinn's water breaking spontaneously (because on TV that's how everyone goes into labor, but in the real world - NOT) I missed the timing because I really thought they would have her water break on stage just as they were finishing their big number. I'm so glad the writers didn't go there.


Kwana said...

I just loved Glee last night. Think I have to watch it again on HULU. And Yay! You won the copy of lifted on my blog. Please send me an email with your info so Wendy can get you the book.

Check out my post I hope you don't mind I took the time to give you a little intro on the old blog for my readers.

Maria Geraci said...

Yay! I can't wait to read Lifted. Will have to buy a copy for my daughter as well :)

Loved loved loved Glee. Am sad that I'll have to wait for more episodes.

And thanks for the pimpage!!

Lucy said...

I had seen previews of Glee before it ever premiered that made me want to watch it. But school and work schedule made me not get started with it. I recently started watching the episodes (thanks netflix!) and I love the show. Recorded last night's show but still watching some back shows before I get totally caught up.

Enjoy your day off. :o)


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