Sunday, June 13, 2010

Move over, Mr. Darcy

So I couldn't sleep last night and got up to watch a little T.V. I've had the BBC adaption of Elizabeth Gaskell's famous novel North and South on my Netflix list forever, but for some reason, I kept bumping it down. Thanks to my son who has rigged up his Wi, I can get most of my Netflix movies instantly now, so I finally got to watch this beautifully romantic and moving story. So glad I did! it's absolutely wonderful. And Richard Armitage as the stoic Mr. Thornton is beyond yummy. Really. I think Mr. Darcy has some stiff competition.


Lucy said...

*sigh* now I have to add it to my netflix. LOL

Gina Black said...

I love this miniseries. I've watched it several times, but I have to say it totally loses me (and he loses me) at the end.

Kwana said...

Isn't he just the best. I was in love from day one. I've seen it a few times. It's a problem.

Maria Geraci said...

OMG, yes. I can already see that it could develop into a problem, Kwana!

Gina, I totally agree, at the end I was sobbing like a baby.

L, you will love it! Such a wonderful love story.

Kristie (J) said...

YES!!!! And we have us another Crusader (thank you Kwana for pointing me this way!)
See - I first saw it about 3 years ago now and WAS BLOWN AWAY!! So much so that with a couple of other bloggers and myself, we started a Crusade to try and get as many romance readers as we can to watch this and pass on the love. And now I can add you to the list on the left hand side of the blog under the Crusader list.
Happy Dance!! Happy Dance!!

Maria Geraci said...


I'm so glad I had insomnia last night! Thanks for adding me to your list:)


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