Monday, June 07, 2010

Flip Flan

So... besides a reader's guide for The Boyfriend of the Month Club there will also be a recipe in the back of the book. My main character, Grace (who is half Cuban) makes her first flan somewhere around chapter 11, I believe. If you're not familiar with flan, then you're really missing something. It's a wonderful custard dessert covered in syrup. The recipe in the book is my mothers and it's fabulous.

Unlike Grace, who is a flan virgin (she's seen her mother make millions but has never actually made one herself) I've made literally dozens of flans in my lifetime. When I first started out, I never made enough syrup or ended up flipping it too early and getting a gooey mess. But that hasn't happened to me in decades. Except for the other night when I decided to make one and take pictures for my website. In my haste, yes... I prematurely flipped my flan and the picture below is the result. It still tasted good though! Watch my blog in the next week or so for a picture of a perfectly flipped flan...


Mel Francis said...

don't you hate a prematurely flipped flan?

Maria Geraci said...

Yes, most people do. That's why they make medication for that kind of problem:)


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