Friday, December 31, 2010

Good stuff to watch

I love westerns. Probably a lot more than the average woman. Clint Eastwood's Unforgiven is one of my favorite movies. And so is True Grit, starring John Wayne. When I heard the Coen brothers were doing a remake of the 1969 classic, I got really excited. Last night I went to see it and I'm happy to report that I was not disappointed. Not in the least (okay, I still prefer the original cinematic ending of John Wayne on his horse jumping the fence, but I won't quibble). Jeff Bridges did a very stand up job as Rooster Cogburn and Matt Damon was passable as LaBouef. Barry Pepper plays Lucky Ned Pepper (name coincidence?) with a very creepy realism. But the stand out actor in this movie was Hailee Steinfeld as the scrappy Mattie Ross. If you love westerns, or if you loved the original, or if you just love good movies, go see this!


Teresa K. said...

I seen the advertisement for this movie and I was wondering if it would be any good. I loved all the old John Wayne movies and I too love UnForgiven and Pale Rider. Have a blessed New Year!

Maria Geraci said...

Thanks, Teresa, you too:)


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