Wednesday, December 08, 2010

It's tomorrow!

Or the day after my yesterday, which means, well, as you can see I've not gotten a whole lot of sleep, because I'm not sure I'm making much sense to anyone except myself! Except to say that I'm relieved/happy/sad/worried that my 3rd baby is out in the world (that would be The Boyfriend of the Month Club) not my real baby (she's still in class or rather, she better be.)

The relieved and happy part are probably obvious emotions. The sad/worried maybe not so much. Sad? Only because I almost wish I was writing it again, I loved that part so much. Worried because I hope people get it. My editor mentioned in passing to me during lunch this summer that she thought there was a lot of me in this book. And she's absolutely right. Me as in I think I let go more in this book than in my previous other two books. And that's both exhilarating and a bit frightening. Writing a book is like walking naked down the street (okay, in my case that would be extremely frightening) but you get what I mean.

I received a really lovely review today from Julie at What Women Write. "Stylewise, think Dorothea Benton Frank meets My Big Fat Greek ... er, Cuban Wedding."

I really loved that she said that! You can read the whole review right here.

So, I'm still hopping the blogosphere. You can still find me at Book Binge, Night Owl Reviews Blog and Chick Lit is Not Dead. And I'm also being featured on the Romantic Times Book Reviews Mainstream Spotlight!

Plus, my fabulous friend Louisa Edwards is giving away a copy of my book on her Facebook Fan page. Right here. All you have to do is tell her the name of your first boyfriend:)


Lucy said...

I have no doubt that this book will be as fabulous as your other books. AND, I can put that to the test now because my copy was delivered today!!! :)

Nancy Bristow said...

Waving at you Maria:)) I read Bunko Babes Tell All and really liked it...enough to introduce your voice to a reader friend of mine, who is mainly a romance historical fan...she reported back that she loved it. I figured she would:)

So, now you've got a new baby out and I've got some catching up to do and I'm looking forward to it. Warmest congrats to you!

Maria Geraci said...

Yay! Lucy!

Nancy, thank you so much for your very kind words and for "introducing" me to your friend. Word of mouth is the very best way to gain new readers and is utterly priceless. Thank you!


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