Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Holiday Movie Countdown

I love love love holiday movies. So I've decided to do a month of holiday movie watching. I know what a hardship. I started last night with a Home Alone mini-marathon. I love Home Alone! Home Alone 2 not so much, but the scenes with Tim Curry more than make up for blah-ish plotline.

I forgot how many great liners there were in the original. The one that got the most laughs last night at the Geraci house? When the adults were in the airplane on their way to France and they're talking about how Kevin was left behind. Mom (played wonderfully by Catherine O'Hara) is beating herself up. And Uncle Frank (gotta love/hate him!) sighs and says "If it makes you feel any better, I forgot my reading glasses."

Hee hee... Oh well, I guess you had to be there!

Happy December 1st everyone, and don't forget to check out Marilyn Brant's blog where she's giving away a copy of my new book!

And... if you want to get inspired AND win a couple of free books by the fabulous Lauren Baratz-Logsted, go to the Girlfriends Book Club and leave a comment.

I'm off to Publix! Happy December, everyone!

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