Thursday, October 15, 2009

Blog Tour, Giveaway, and Target!

Today I'm over at Novel Thoughts talking about my soon-to-be-released book Bunco Babes Gone Wild. Hop on over and say hello, and you might win an autographed copy of Bunco Babes Tell All. Although if you read my blog, then you should already have a copy, right? But come on over and say hi anyway, it will make me feel good!

There's also a tiny sneak peak into my next, next book, The Boyfriend of the Month Club. And for now, that's all I'm giving away:)

So you're probably wondering why the word Target is in my blog title. I've always joked around that I'll know I've made it when I see my books at Target. Well guess what? Yep. I'm at Target! Not physically, mind you, but hey, that's a technicality right now, because last night while I was accidentally googling myself, I found Bunco Babes Gone Wild on sale online at Target! Check it out right here. Pretty cool, huh?


Tara Reed said...
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Tara Reed said...

Maria - Congrats on "Target Online" - next step is "Target - the store"! As an artist who's designs go on "stuff" sold in stores, I totally get and share your excitement! Way to go!

I'm half way through "Bunco Babes Tell All" and love it! Any author who quotes Scarlett O'Hara's "I'll think about that tomorrow" is an instant friend of mine!

I hope you have a big, comfy closet so you can keep on writing.

Tara Reed

Maria Geraci said...

Tara, Glad you're enjoying the book! Some authors dream of big lights, big city, I dream of Target:)


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