Sunday, October 11, 2009

Bunco, the new Poker

Great video with Naomi Judd talking about Bunco!

Besides being a great time for everyone involved, Bunco is a natural for fund raisers. In Bunco Babes Gone Wild, my characters host a Black Tie Bunco fundraiser to raise money for the town's new rec center. But real live groups across the country play Bunco to raise money for breast cancer research (which gives me an idea for my own group) and I can't think of a better cause.

FYI check out the "ref" in the background. It totally cracks me up! Bunco disputes!


Kwana said...

What a cool video and cause!

Lucy said...

Bunco and my favorite vacation spot.....a winning combination. :o)

Louisa Edwards said...

LOLOL - Why is there no bunco in my town? I know, I should get off my tookus and start my own group. But that's hard!


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