Monday, October 26, 2009

So You Think You Can Dance?

Man, am I out of shape. Lest you laugh and say duh cut me some slack. I (or rather my thighs) are paying dearly for my mad dash across the Leon County Civic Center Parking lot Saturday night to see the So You Think You Can Dance traveling show. In my defense, I was not on Cuban Time. If you're not sure what Cuban Time is, let me explain. It's 30 minutes later than regular time. But I've been so excited about seeing the show, that I was a good girl. I shuffled my 16 year-old out of the house almost 45 minutes before the show started. Which ordinarily should have been okay.

Here's how I imagined the breakdown:

Drive to Civic Center: 20 minutes
Park and walk to the gate: 10 minutes
Buy a program, check out the merchandise, and find our seats: 15 minutes

Sounds good, no?

This is how it went down:

Get stuck in traffic because it's FAMU's Homecoming (which I forgot) and everyone and their brother is trying to get downtown: 40 minutes
Get stuck in the line to park, then find out the parking lot is full and you're getting diverted to a parking garage across the street: another 15 minutes
Run from said parking garage to the civic center in 2 inch heels: another 5 minutes (although it seemed like an eternity).

So you do the math. We are now 20 minutes late.

Luckily for me, half of Tallahassee was late too, because the show was just beginning as we got inside the civic center. Hearing the theme music sends my pulse racing, so we started running again to find the right section and our seats. I also think I might have been yelling something like, "Brandon! Janine! I'm coming!!" Yeah, I might have yelled something like that.

All I can say is that it was worth it. Every second of it. The show was fantastic. I laughed, I was wowed, and I even shed a few tears. Even my thighs are happy we went:)


Kristen Painter said...

Did you get any pics?

Jax Cassidy said...

Oooh! I want to go see their traveling show! I love SYTYCD. That's on my 'to do' list when I get a chance...

Caryn Caldwell said...

So glad you made it! And, yeah, it seems the bigger the hurry the harder it is to be on time for something. Why *is* that?!?

Maria Geraci said...

No pics, Kristen ;( But I can tell you they all looked fantastic. Especially Jeanette!

Jax, if you get a chance to the show, go see it! You won't be sorry.

Caryn, I've learned my lesson. I will give myself 15-30 minutes extra time for these events from now on ;)


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