Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Yay! Stuff

There's lots of stuff going on right now to jump up and down and shout yay! about. Want to hear? Okay, since you twisted my arm:)

First, it's finally official. I signed the contract for my next book and it's on its way to New York, ink barely dry. I sold a third Bunco book back in June, but after some deliberation, my pub decided they wanted me to go in another direction. So I came up with another concept (still women's fiction, still funny and still sexy, I hope!) but not Bunco related. The book is titled (tentatively) The Boyfriend of the Month Club. Here's the working blurb:

Grace O’Bryan has just turned thirty and works as the manager for her parents’ embarrassingly tacky Florida gift shop. And Grace’s professional life isn’t her only source of frustration. She’s also dated every loser Daytona Beach has to offer. After the ultimate date from hell, Grace decides enough is enough and turns her dwindling book club into a Boyfriend of the Month Club. By coming together to discuss the eligible men in their community, maybe she can help someone else avoid the frustration of finding out an attractive cover doesn’t always mean there’s a good guy inside. Comparing the men they’ve dated to classic literary characters such as Heathcliff, Mr. Rochester, and the ever popular Darcy and Wickham, club membership explodes as the women of Daytona Beach come out in droves. Unfortunately, Grace is about to discover that men are a lot more complicated than books, and that what separates the Mr. Darcys from the Mr. Wickhams might not be so cut and dry after all.

I told Mike Geraci that a research trip to GatorLand is in order. Believe me, when you read the book, you'll understand. MG isn't sure he wants to do GatorLand. But he will. Trust me. And when I go, you'll get plenty of pics!

So, my next Yay! thing:

I won a copy of Pioneer Woman's cookbook from the goodreads program! If you don't know what goodreads is, then you should. It's like the biggest online book club in the world. They also do giveaways (my book Bunco Babes Gone Wild is a current give away, so if you want to win a free copy, head on over there and enter!) I've never entered one of their give aways, but you know how I feel about PW's upcoming book. So I put out the positive vibes, entered and was notified yesterday that I won! Recipe updates to follow...

And my last Yay! thing:

Today, my Stop Plodding, Start Plotting! workshop began over at Romance Divas. It's free if you're a member. So if you want to partake of my awesome workshop (he) come on over and sign up then look for me in the Author of the Month section.

So, that's it for Yay! stuff for me. Plenty to jump up and down about, don't you think?


Kristen Painter said...

Your new series sounds AWESOME! Congrats on the signing the new contract - you're a star, baby!

Maria Geraci said...

Thanks, Kristen! Not sure about being a star (just yet) but I'm working on it;)

Lucy said...

I love the blurb! Cannot wait to read the book!

Um, but did I read that right that the third bunco book won't be coming out or is it that they wanted you to go a different way AFTER that one came out? Sorry for the stupid question but I confuse easily. :o)

Maria Geraci said...

Not a stupid question, L, and I'm glad you liked the blurb!

The third Bunco book basically got cancelled. The original contract was drawn up for a 3rd Bunco book but before it could be signed (contracts take about 2 months to get from a publisher) my publisher decided that 2 Bunco Books were enough and they wanted something different from me. I have hopes that maybe one day they'll change their mind, but for now, that's the direction we're going. I really love my 2nd Bunco book (and hope you do too!) but I'm really loving this new book I'm writing too, so all is good.

Kwana said...

Big Yays all around!!

Maria Geraci said...

Thanks, Kwana!


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