Friday, May 28, 2010

So you think you can dance!

Best show on TV by a mile. And the new season started last night! Of course, it's the audition segment that they do similar to AI style, going city to city, giving you a tease of the best dancers and doing those awful clips of the people who can only be there as a joke.

There was no Sex last night (if you're a fan of the show, you'll know who I'm referring to). Yes, they promised us last season that it was Sex's last season to audition, but really? As awful and corny as he is, I really hope they were joking because what would a SYTYCD season be without Sex? And without Nigel with his electric teeth turning to Mary (who was conspicuously absent last night) and asking her how Sex was for her this year. I heard a rumor that Mary was leaving the show and that Mia was taking over for her on a permanent basis. I really hope that's not true. I love Mary! I love her obnoxious laugh and her Hot Tamale train scream. I love Mia as a choreographer, but hate her as a judge. Her beady blue/green eyes give me the willies.

Oh, and it took less than an hour for Adam to cry, or at least get his eyes watery. Don't get me wrong. I adore Adam. Love him love him love him. He is a genius and I want to go out partying with him. But if one more gay dancer gets on stage and talks about how his dad never accepted him... well, let's just say we need to move on!

One thing that has me concerned about this season. Supposedly only 10 dancers will make it out of Vegas as opposed to the regular 20. How are they gonna do that? I guess I'll have to stay tuned. But that won't be a problem.

Add on: I've just been told that the 10 finalists will be paired up with favorite dancers from other seasons. Woo Hoo!


Tanashia said...

Mia & Adam did do alot of crying last night!

Maria Geraci said...

I know! And it's just the first show!

Marilyn Brant said...

I watched this show in its first season and loved it, but I haven't seen it since. I think I need to tune in this summer!! :)

Lucy said...

I've watched the show the last couple of seasons (my friend got me hooked) but I've never watched the auditions so I have no idea about the Sex. I intended to watch the auditions this season but didn't watch Thursday because I went to see Sex and the City that night and my DVR was full so, since it was the auditions, I deleted it without watching it first. Oh well.

Maria Geraci said...

Marilyn, if you love dance you should watch. It's amazing.

Lucy, the auditions aren't really great. It's kind of like the auditions for AI. Some great dancing, some bad. "Sex" is the name this aging guy has given himself. He auditions every year and he's terrible. His mother shows up too and yells at the judges that her son Sex is the best. It's awful! And corny. But has become a tradition on the show. Last year, Sex swore it was his last year to try out. We'll see, huh?

Lucy said...

Ahhh, got it. But have to say, I've never watched Idol before. My friend watches it but she hasn't tried to convert me - yet. (She's the same one that got me hooked on the Bachelor/ette series!)


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